Blackhawk Republican Women
invite you to join us for July 4th Parade in Danville
Walk for Catharine Baker!  She is a BRW Member, and she CAN win.  There will be t-shirts handed out by the campaign.  BRW is staging in Staging Area A.  (San Ramon Valley High School) Greg Thibodeaux will be there at 6 AM to get our entry first in line in our Staging Area.  Catharine and her campaign will be there with us along with CCRP, SRVRW, Judge Phan and his campaign, YR's AND the Dinesh D'Sousa bus promoting his new movie, AMERICA.  America is the theme of the parade this year!!  The bus is a gorgeous 40' long bus sporting the Statue of Liberty on the sides.  Very impressive and gorgeous.  It will be the last of the Republican entries!
Walkers, please be at the staging area no later than 8:30.

Summer Social - August 9th 4-8pm
Reservations: 925-828-2360
Congratulations BRW!  
A Diamond Award Club.
Cheryl Byl
2014 BRWF President
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